1. The Rapture

From the recording My Name Is Jesus

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The Rapture Song

I went to my lawyer to draw up a will
She asked me what I had.
“Oh the usual stuff”, I said, “this and that
Five guitars and one black cat.”

We talked about my final days
And after I had passed.
Who would get my worldly things
When I had breathed my last?

Well, I said to my lawyer, “I have one question
About this last will and testament.
Does it only apply to my expiration
Or does it cover any other situation?”

Well, she stared at me for, for a long, long time
And then she said, “What other situation?
Do you mean witness protection or being kidnapped at night?”
And then she laughed and she said, “Do you mean alien abduction? Ha, ha, ha!”

How could I explain what I was asking?
Not some science fiction capture.
I wanted to know if my will applied
To the day when I’d be caught up in the rapture.

Well, my lawyer advised me not to include
Any words about the rapture.
She said my will is a place where they do not belong
So I’m writing them in this song.

I sing to my family and friends
I sing to the ones that I love.
If someday I am suddenly gone
I’ve been lifted to the Lord up above.

You see, the rapture is gonna, it’s gonna happen
It’s just a matter, a matter of time.
Jesus said He would come like a thief in the night
And we won’t get a warning, and we won’t get a sign.

So, in the meantime, back here on earth
I enjoy my possessions, this and that.
To my wonderful son, I leave my five guitars
And my best friend, she can have….
She can have the cat.