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Hello Friend,

Christ's kingdom is thriving on this planet! Although nations are experiencing challenges of many kinds, Christ's kingdom continues to experience the super-natural power of God as He pours His love and wisdom into our daily lives.

The Lord has called me to write songs for Him. Listen to my latest single If Jesus Was the President here or on youtube. All songs are available for digital download at amazon / itunes / CDBaby.


When we wonder about the security of our world, music can center and rejuvenate us. Get Ready Now, inspires faith and celebration. The CD has a variety of musical styles...something for everyone. Watch the video!

Let us strive together to tell the world about Jesus. Let us walk the talk and demonstrate, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the power of God's Holy Spirit is invincible in all of life's trials. And most of all, let us take care of each other and our sacred planet until our Lord returns.


May your faith be strengthened and inspired by this music. And may The Lord bless you and keep you in His care.


Debbie Gulino